Dear Rosebud Foundation,

On behalf of the Didsbury Home Care team, we just wanted to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you for the equipment that the Rosebud Foundation has graciously donated to our office over the years. The clinic chair and portable bladder scanner have both really improved the quality of care for our clients as well as made our jobs more accessible and safer for us as a team.

The clinic chair has been an amazing addition to our Home Care clinic and is something that our clients speak very highly of. The chair allows us to complete all kinds of procedures in the clinic while keeping clients comfortable and keeping ourselves safe. By having multiple functions on the chair such as lifting and tilting, it really helps to save our backs as nurses while allowing clients to get the quality care that they need. Dealing with people in their homes can be quite a challenge and we have lots of wound care that we see on a daily basis. This chair is just one of many amazing tools that we have in our toolbox to help provide our clients with the best possible care in a safe environment. We also have so many clients who comment on the comfort of the chair during procedures and how the functions of the chair allow for them to move in and out of the chair with ease. This is huge with our population as people are often struggling with mobility issues, frailty or healing from surgery.

I don’t know if you know much about bladder scanners, but they are a hot commodity in hospitals and clinics! We were constantly having to run around and track one down to use with our clients. Since the Rosebud has provided us with our own bladder scanner, we have been able to be much more efficient in providing care for our Home Care clients. The portability of the scanner also makes it so easy for us to be able to scan people in their home and save them a trip into the Home Care clinic, which people are so thankful for. By having this amazing diagnostic tool, we are also able to help save people from unnecessary trips to their family doctor and the emergency room, so thank you for that!

As a team, we just wanted you to know that we are truly grateful for your donations to our team over the years. It has made our jobs so much easier and has ensured that we can continue to give the best quality care to each and every one of our Home Care clients.

Thanks again for your support and generosity!


The Didsbury Home Care team

Bladder ScannerWound Chair